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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Living in Chaos

I'd like to echo my dear husband's sentiments on moving. There's nothing fun about it. I would love to do an I Dream of Jeannie thing and wink (or is that Bewitched?) and magically appear in our beautiful new house, fully unpacked and decorated. Saturday is the big move day, so we're getting down to the wire. My mother was an angel and came over today to help me pack. Exhausting.

Here's how things look now.

Some of us aren't so much tired as irritated.

But we have something to look forward to. Here's the living room after the paint job.

It's almost over!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moving - Ugh!

As the boxes start to collect and things are being packed, I say CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!! Moving is a super pain. Can I get an AMEN!?!? You've all experienced it and shudder at the thought of doing it again.

Leslie and I have been blessed with three moves in about 12 months time - Leslie's condo to Crissy's to my apartment and now to the house. Leslie's done a fantastic job with all the changes that have been going on. We've been painting, packing, and cleaning like crazy. We diffuse the stress by constantly saying, "I love you." and remembering that God has blessed us so much in such a short time. My biggest blessing was finding the love of my life. Waiting for Leslie was the best decision I have ever made. Oops, I digress.

We are so excited about the new home and can't wait to share our home with friends and family.

I would love to write more, but I need to get back to the packing.

I think we are going to take a vacation from moving for about 10 million years!!!!!

Keep us in your prayers the next couple of weeks!

Top Ten Reasons I Know I’m All Grown Up

10. Growing up my conversation was filled with school gossip. Now I spend hours discussing various physical ailments with whatever poor soul is within earshot.
9. Growing up I stayed up until midnight playing computer games. Now I stay up until midnight doing laundry.
8. Growing up I loved underoos. Now I love a good supportive bra.
7. Growing up I got excited about buying a new toy or game. Now I get excited about buying a new vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter.
6. Growing up I would sneak candy out of the Halloween stash. Now just a couple of pieces of chocolate make me sick to my stomach.
5. Growing up I did everything possible to avoid naptime. Now I daydream about having a couch at work to snooze on.
4. Growing up I moaned and groaned about any chore having to do with cleaning gloves. Now I spend twenty minutes in the cleaning aisle reading the label on every toilet cleanser available.
3. Growing up I didn’t know what a calorie was. Now I calculate Weight Watchers points.
2. Growing up I was proud of every year added to my age. Now I follow a strict, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

And the number one reason that I know that I’m all grown up…

1. Growing up I used to daydream about my future husband. Now I wash his underwear. (Gladly!)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Let the madness begin!

I can now contribute to the blog. I don't know who to feel sorry for; you or Leslie......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

More later!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh Say, Can You See...

Last week Garrett took a choir to sing the national anthem at an Aeros game. They sounded wonderful. Check it out! Doesn't my man look fantastic as he directs? :-)

Home Sweet Home!

We did it! This past week we finally closed on our new house. We just love it. It's better than we'd hoped for, and it'll be even more awesome once we put a little work into it. Next week the painter is coming to freshen things up, and Garrett and I will be doing some painting, as well. Then we'll get the carpet stretched and start moving things in. We plan to be moved in by the beginning of March. We have only a couple of pictures right now, but we'll post a few more in the next couple of weeks, hopefully.