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Saturday, March 29, 2008

That's the power of wash!

The cleansing of the house continues. We've painted, scrubbed, steam cleaned, vacuumed, hung lights, hung fans, hung curtains, and put away clutter.

Today's adventure had to do with...... Are you ready? a POWER WASHER!!!!!! I've seen the benefits of power washing, but my life has been, up to this point, power washless. This morning I looked at my father-in-law's power washer with anticipation. What was it going to be like? Would it make the driveway and entryway look new? I had no idea, but I jumped into the owners manual and got it ready to blow! Attach the hose, choose attachment, add the detergent, plug it in, and turn it on! Woo Hoo!!!! Here we go!!!!!
A miracle machine was at work. That bad boy started blowing 5 years of dirt all over the place. The dirt splatter on the garage wall and lawn mower was spectacular! (Note to self: NEXT TIME CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR IDIOT!!!!) I was amazed at how well it was working. Here's a shot of what a difference it was making.

I was having fun watching the dirt and grime melt away from the pavement, but time was short. I needed to meet up with my wife and her family for the breakfast of champions......Pizza! I only had a few minutes to spare and my A.D.D. imagination kicked in. I used the power washer to write a message to anyone checking out my handiwork.

I was having so much fun. I shed a tear as I left for the Reyes home. I had a great meal, did some shopping with Leslie...Ya-dah-ya-dah-ya-dah...three hours later, I was blasting away again at the driveway. For some reason this time it wasn't as "fun" as it was before. The hoses were getting tangled. My forearms and back were aching. The sun was dropping like a rock. I finally got to a point where the only thing left was the porch.

My ever beautiful and wonderful wife made me promise that I would save the porch for her so she could share the fun of power washing. At that point I was happy to pass the torch. Actually chuck the torch is more accurate. Watching her face light up as she blew the mold right off the porch was like experiencing Christmas as a first time parent. Power washing was again fun!!!! Eventually, she too had her fill of power washing and passed that torch right back at me. Her happiness invigorated me enough to finish the job.

I must say, the final product is awesome! The outside of the house looks practically new. I can't wait for our official house warming party, so everyone can see how hard we have worked to make our home so "us".

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M&M said...

I must admit, I was thinking about the joys of the power washer just yesterday...we power washed this summer for the first time ever and boy, was it a night and day difference!!! Unfortunately, living here in Houston, it is hard to tell it was done that recently :(
(Michael also "sent" me several messages on the driveway...a few sat there for a day before he washed them away)